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Facts & Statistics

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14.5% of Indian kids experienced a recurrence of maltreatment within 12 months.
This compares with 13.1% of black kids, 3.9% of Asian/PI kids, 12.5% of Hispanic kids, and 5.8% of white kids.

28.1% of Indian kids removed in Minnesota in 2008 were removed for alcohol/drug abuse by parents.
This compares with 14.0% of black kids, 9.5% of Asian/PI kids, 15.1% of Hispanic kids, and 13.3% of white kids.

20.2% of Indian kids were placed with relatives.
This compares with 13.3% of black kids, 11.3% of Asian/PI kids, 14.8% of Hispanic kids, and 13.3% of white kids.

The median length of time Indian kids spent in out-of-home care was 7.7 months.
This compares with 2.9 months for black kids, 1.2 months for Asian/PI kids, 3.5 months for Hispanic kids, and 4.4 months for white kids.

76.7% of Indian kids who were in out-of-home care for 24 months or longer experienced 3 or more placements.
This compares with 74.7% of black kids, 66.7% of Asian/PI kids, 69.9% of Hispanic kids, and 61.7% of white kids.

29.1% of Indian kids in foster care received the required monthly visits social workers for every month in out-of-home care.
This compares with 43.5% of black kids, 55.6% of Asian/PI kids, 44.8% of Hispanic kids, and 39.3% of white kids.

25.0% of Indian kids were adopted in fewer than 24 months from their latest removal.
This compares with 43.0% of black kids, 33.3% of Asian/PI kids, 42.4% of Hispanic kids, and 58.8% of white kids.

56.8% of Indian kids who aged out of the system had been in out-of-home care three years or longer.
This compares with 47.1% of black kids, 17.6% of Asian/PI kids, 39.3% of Hispanic kids, and 43.0% of white kids.


According to the Center for Social Services Research at Cal-Berkeley, Native American kids were more likely than kids of any other ethnicity to experience a recurrence of substantiated abuse allegations within 24 months of reunification in 9 of the 13 years from 1998-2010. The percentage of kids with a recurrence of substantiated abuse ranged from 13.3-25.7% for Indian kids, compared with 14.2-19.2% for black kids, 14.3-18.8% for white kids, 11.9-14.8% for Hispanic kids, and 8.1-12.3% for Asian/Pacific Islander kids. ICWA has added protections for Indian parents…supposedly designed to help prevent the breakup of Indian families. California has strengthened ICWA through its legislature. More Indian kids are being abused after returning to their parents than kids of any other race.