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Indian Grandmother’s Story

line I’m a Indian grandmother living on the reservation. I was given temporary custody of my grandson one year ago and I have been going round and round with the ICWA workers. They are forcing the unfit parents to be parents. They both are on the reservation and we are a small reservation and everyone knows each other and what is really going on. I have reported them numerous times but it seems no one cares about the well-being of my grandson. All they care about is ICWA and reunification regardless of the child’s best interest. There is no thought for the child. I walked into a unity meeting and there sat all my tribal council members. All five members knew I had my grandson for a year and not one ever asked about him or how he is doing. They were supporting ICWA and the parents. I pray everyday for my grandson. I pray that no harm will come to him. He was born positive with meth and I received him from the hospital. In the real world this child would of been adopted out by now. It’s a shame we will never teach our Indian people responsibility.  We give them chance after chance. I have another meeting today, please keep me in your prayers.

UPDATE ON GRANDMOTHER’S STORY: Her grandson was placed back with his parents and died from abuse several months later.