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Baby James’ Story

line Baby James was placed with the Belford family when he was an infant. He was sickly and in desperate need of attention and love. After nearly three years with the Belford’s, Baby James was taken from their stable, permanent home and placed in the home of a distant Native American cousin because of the Indian Child Welfare Act. The house that Baby James was placed in smelled of marijuana and was not a toddler-proof home. The Belford’s begging to keep in contact with Baby James and for a few weeks, they were able to see him. Each visit James would return sicker and sicker. There was nothing the Belfords could do. Finally, they went to visit James and he was gone. He had been removed from the very home where he was placed because of the Indian Child Welfare Act. James was back in the system. To hear Baby James’ full story, please watch the video below.

BABY JAMES UPDATE: No one knows where Baby James is.